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About PanelClix

PanelClix has been active as an online fieldwork provider, managing and building an online international panel, since 1999. Currently PanelClix has its own access panels in the Netherlands and Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia).

PanelClix combines the extensive fieldwork experience with advanced technologies to conduct online fieldwork on a  daily basis, for a large number of market research agencies and institutions. This allows PanelClix to provide both sample-only services and full-service.

Currently, PanelClix offers access to a large group of respondents in the two countries. Through our specialized online panels (including a B2B, medical and media panel), we are able to approach members very closely. This allows you to quickly and easily research in this online panel. Read more about our online panels under Need Panel? or ask for a free quote.

What we offer

Online Market Research

Members are asked anonymously to give their opinion on a variety of subjects

Online Panel

PanelClix has a large online panel of over 120,000 members focused on up-to-date and extensive member profiles


PanelClix offers operational expertise, a modern and secure infrastructure

Active in more countries

Active in the Netherlands and Belgium (Wallonia and Flanders)

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