EuroClix is thé savings program of the Netherlands

About EuroClix

EuroClix is ​​a points loyalty program, active in several European countries. Members earn points (Clix), and are able to exchange this for hard cash. The more points (Clix) they have earned, the better the Clix exchange rate will be. Therefore the most loyal members are those best rewarded, such as a loyalty program should do.


The advertisers at EuroClix generate unique visitors and from it leads or transactions. With a large panel of enthusiastic members, 100,000 unique visitors can be generated in one country via one email. And with the right offer, the conversion to leads or transactions is very high. In addition to email marketing, EuroClix also offers advertisers a website where they can show their offer to members.


The collaboration between advertiser and EuroClix is often based on affiliate marketing. A performance-based mode of advertising, where an advertiser only pays for the actual achieved result. To make this work, EuroClix  intensively operates with local and international affiliate networks.


EuroClix was founded in 1999 and is the first cashback site in the Netherlands. In 2007, EuroClix was introduced in Germany. In 2009, Belgium followed. With this, EuroClix became the first pan-European cashback program that operates in several European countries. Read under ‘Advertise with us’ about advertising at EuroClix or request a free quote.

What we offer

Points loyalty program

Exchange your Clix into euros by simply earning through your online purchases.

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Search for the best deals and shop online

+ 2.300 Webshops

All offers and webshops in one website

Active in several countries

Active in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium (Wallonie en Flanders).

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